Thursday, May 10, 2018

I never learn

Once again I find myself contemplating using 0402 sized components. The 0603s just look so big compared to the FPGA pin spacing...

With the inner two layers under and near the FPGA taken by the +3.3V and Ground planes, and the top layer broken up by the keypad footprints and connecting matrix, I'm having to do a lot of routing on the bottom. The decoupling capacitors cover a lot of the periphery of the FPGA because they can't be mounted on top, so I think I'm going to use 0402s for the 0.47uF (high-frequency) capacitors that should be close to the chip. The 4.7uF (low-frequency) decoupling capacitors can be placed farther out, so they'll stay 0603s.

Watch this blog when I start assembling these boards for "Why do I do these things to myself?" type postings as I try to place these flakes of pepper on my board.

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