Friday, April 5, 2013

Another MOSFET option

Given the spool of several hundred BSS83 MOSFETs sitting on my workbench, I'm pretty well committed to my choice of transmission gate FETs. Out of curiosity, though, in an idle moment I found myself searching yet again for an enhancement-mode MOSFET with a separate substrate connection.

And I found not one, but a whole series of them. A company in Fremont, Californa, called Calogic LLC makes a line of high-speed DMOS analog switches (really MOSFETs) that seem quite suitable for use in a project like this one. The packaging is also a SOT-143, though the pinout is different.

Neither DigiKey nor Mouser carry their products. They do have a distributor link on their website, and some of them do sell suitable devices in "small" (less than 2500 unit) quantities. The prices I saw are about 6x that of Mouser's price for the BSS83, but at least there is more than just one device available.

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