Thursday, April 11, 2013

Co się dzieje w Polsce?

What is happening in Poland?

This is not the most popular blog in the world, but I do get views from just about every country in the world. Over the last few months, though, my views from Poland have risen until they account for more than half of views for any given period. Did I become required reading for an Electrical Engineering class? Or maybe a Technical English class?

Edited 2013-08-17 to add:

Apparently these accesses are what is known as "referer spam" (sic). Some people put a widget in their blogs that automatically provides links back to those sites which bring them the most traffic. By bombarding a blog with fake views, the back-links to these fake referrals cause the spamming site to rise in search engine rankings. Most of these fake referrals link to porn or malware sites.

Since I don't provide such automatic back-links, and I never click on any suspect referral link, their spamming does nothing but screw up my statistics. Fortunately, my stats are merely a curiosity for me.

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