Monday, May 22, 2017

Other insane hobbyists

Recently I've been shown that I'm not the only hobbyist with a touch of insanity.

I've already mentioned the folk behind who have resurrected the 45-year-old Intel design for our education.

There's Robert C. Baruch, the self-named Half-Baked Maker, who is entertaining himself by reverse-engineering some old integrated circuits by stripping them layer by layer to develop a schematic diagram of their workings. This requires the use of nasty chemicals like hydrofluoric acid -- and people think I'm nuts for using tin/lead solder!

Personally, I think the person who most deserves the crazy inventor award is Sam Zeloof. He's creating working MOSFET transistors in his home laboratory. He recently acquired his own scanning electron microscope; can an unlicensed nuclear accelerator be far off?

My hat's off to you folk. You make me feel totally sane.

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