Sunday, August 26, 2012

My first goof

Not my first goof ever... just the first on this project. :-D

When I was partitioning the huge, single sheet, master schematic into separate pages, I tried to separate the circuits according to which board they'd end up on. For the most part I seem to have succeeded, but I just found one signal on the inter-board connector that is generated on the ScratchPad board from global signals but connects only to the Instruction Decode board. There's no reason for this signal, named "SC&M12&CLK2", to be inter-board, and good reason for it not to be.

It's not a big change. It'll move four transistors and two resistors from the ScratchPad board to the Instruction Decode board, and decreases the number of inter-board signals by only one.

I may also move another signal, named "SC&M22&CLK2". This signal needs to be inter-board, as it is used by both the Scrach Pad and Instruction Decode logic. However, it may make more sense to group it with the latter than the former.

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