Friday, August 31, 2012

Priority Mail: Not a priority

I've placed several orders with Digi-Key and had it sent First Class mail, and it's always arrived after two days. Apparently Priority Mail doesn't get as high a priority as First Class, because after two days my package is sitting in Philadelphia. Not even in the same state. This is annoying because the solder paste is shipped with a "cold pack" to keep it cool, and there's no way it'll stay cool in this heat for three days. *hrumph*

The tracking for my order from Mouser still doesn't show that the USPS has even taken possession of the package. Mouser shows the order as "Complete", so it may be my package will suddenly show up in the USPS tracking system in "Delivered" state.

If it's taking three days for a Priority Mail package to get here from Minnesota, I would expect one from Texas to take at least as long. That means I won't see my Mouser order until Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. *grumble*

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