Sunday, August 26, 2012

ScratchPad Array Placement

I decided to go ahead and place the ScrachPad DRAM array. Aside from being 8x8 instead of 12x4, it's the same layout as I used for the Instruction Pointer DRAM array:

I'm tinkering with the layout of the row select drivers, trying to decide whether I want to stick with the layout I used on the IP board or the new layout I have on the top row here, and if I like the new layout enough to go back and change the IP board. It's almost purely an aesthetic difference, but no one's screaming about schedule on this.

I do wish Eagle allowed you to rotate the view of the layout, because it would be more intuitive to be able to look the decode logic if everything was rotated 90 degrees clockwise. I think I'll go post that as a suggestion.

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