Tuesday, August 14, 2012


That's the way it is with hobby projects. Sometimes they move rapidly, sometimes they get set aside for a bit in favor of something else.

Along the way I picked up a copy of High-Speed Digital Design, A Handbook of Black Magic, by Howard Johnson and Martin Graham. While the design I'm doing can hardly be called "high-speed" -- the fastest rise-time in the system is about 30ns -- it still gave me a lot to think about. About the only thing I changed was the position of one pull-up resistor, and I suspect I could have done without that. But as I assemble and test the board I'll be better prepared to understand what my tests show.

This evening I did a little bit of work on the remaining bits of the IP board layout. That's mostly connecting the EA and refresh counters to the row select logic, and hooking up the primary inter-board connector. This weekend is going to be busy, but I'm still hoping to send this out for fabrication within a couple of weeks.

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